Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moving to a NEW Blog

I did it!!! I finally stepped across the line from hobby to business. A bit scary but so far so good. This is my last blog post here in Another Rich Collectible. I am moving everything from here to my new home called Aiken HDR. 

I will continue to share images and how to information on the images I take. Thank you so very much for your comments and email messages to me. Gosh, I sound like I am leaving, nope, just moving into a new home. 

Here is the LINK

Aiken HDR


Lisa Gordon said...

Congratulations, Steve!
This is so truly well-deserved.
See you there, my friend.

Steve said...

Thank you Lisa for all your support an online friendship. Glad to see you in our new home.

HDR photography said...

Hey happy to hear that !!! congratulations !!

peter kenneth said...

I've read couple of your posts and i really like them !!! keep up the good work . You are doing great job !!